Why use BestLoanSG to get a personal loan from licensed moneylenders?

why_womanBank VS licensed moneylenders

Banks and moneylenders are just 2 available options for getting a personal loan. Which is a better option? Well, this question depends on what situation you are in.. If you need a loan urgently, a licensed moneylender can disburse loans to you on the same day itself.
By getting a loan from the bank, they offer lower interest rates as they have a lower cost of funds therefore offering lower interest rates. However, getting a loan approval from banks might take serveral days and would require a list of extensive documents.

The benefits of using BestLoanSG

  1. We help to source the best loan offers available in the market for you within 5 minutess.
  2. We help to audit and check that all offers are from reputed licensed moneylenders
  3. Our platform is fast and easy to use. Helping you save on your time and efforts!
  4. Choose the best loan that suits your needs
  5. Discreet and confidential